Siren eye lash extensions

Is your skincare safe for lash extensions?

Aside from proper application, aftercare is the most important factor in good retention. Quite often I see my clients doing their absolute best at washing their lash extensions daily and they still occasionally have problems with retention. 70% of the time it can be traced back to a skincare product (the other 30% is usually environmental factors like saunas, heat, steam, sleeping on their face, extreme whitewater rafting trips, ect.). Facial cleansers will get on lashes even if you don't put it directly on your eyes. Rinsing a cleanser off, it will inevitably get on lashes. Many cleansers contain glycols and oils. Moisturizers and serums will migrate to the eye area, and if they're not lash safe they'll weaken the adhesive. Sweating will move these products around even more. And eye cream, don't get me started. I've seen non-lash safe eye cream remove 75% of a set of lashes in 6 days.
So, how do we avoid this?
By using products that don't contain ingredients that weaken the adhesive you get your maximum retention and can still keep your skin looking gorgeous. This saves the time and money involved in an extra fill or even full set of lashes if your skincare has removed the majority of your extensions. Over the course of one year, using lash safe products saves my clients the time and expense of 10 extra fills and one full set on average! That's a lot! 
high to moderate amounts of these ingredients will weaken your lash extensions. These are ingredients that will most often be found in high enough concentrations to decrease retention when you see them on a label. Here's what to avoid:
- Propylene glycol
- Butylene glycol
- PEG (polyethylene glycol) 
- Hexylene Glycol
-Oils - Very few oils are lash safe. Oils that weaken lash adhesive can work quickly. In as few as three days after use, lash extensions can begin to detach.
There are some ingredients, like phenoxyethanol, which can definitely weaken lash adhesive. However, this ingredient is typically used in low concentrations (.5%) as a preservative and not in any amount to have an effect on retention. When used as a preservative, you'll find it at the end of the ingredient list. Definitely avoid this ingredient in all but trace amounts. Fun fact, phenoxyethanol is actually found naturally in green tea.
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