Our Story

I'm a licensed esthetician and lash artist, and I'm passionate about making my clients feel beautiful. I was struggling to find a line of professional quality skincare that could be used by all of my clients. The issues they struggled with were aging, breakouts, sensitivity to fragrance and additives, and lash extension retention. I realized it was impossible to find a product line that addressed these concerns and also had positive intentions, wonderful formulations, and researched actives that are universally beneficial. My lash clients had to choose between their lash extensions and skincare. Many of them had to give up their favorite products so they could keep their lashes, or schedule an extra fill each month so they could continue to use them. There are so many ingredients that weaken the adhesive, it was impossible to find anything that wouldn't decrease retention and damage lash extensions. As an esthetician, I can't recommend or carry ineffective skincare. My professional reputation is defined by my ability to address and treat skin concerns. My livelihood is dependent on it. What I needed didn't exist.

So, I did it myself.
When I decided that I should create my own skincare line, I had the chance to offer my absolute dream formulations. These had to be something that I felt enthusiastic sharing. They had to be my own HG products. 
All of my skincare is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores or cause breakouts), fragrance and additive free, and contain clinically proven actives in percentages and delivery systems that actually do what they're supposed to do. All are formulated to repair and maintain your skin's barrier function. All of this from a company that genuinely hopes you're having a wonderful day and cares about your well-being. All products are manufactured in the USA in an FDA-compliant lab. We will always be free of animal by-products, human and animal stem cells, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic chemical preservatives, and a ridiculous carbon footprint. A portion of each sale is used to offset any emissions from manufacturing and shipping. Testing on animals just is not an option. I tested it on my clients instead.