Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally we get questions about our products. Here are a few questions and answers, but if you have any other questions feel free to email us at: 


How should I store my products? 

All of our products should be stored at room temperature (60-75° F) out of direct sunlight. 

In what order should I apply the products in the Discovery Kit?

Cleanse skin with Pūrificātiō cleanser, pat dry and apply Candeō vitamin C, follow with Nutriō hydrator, and finish with a thin layer of Dēlēniō cream. 

Why does my lash serum seem to not be totally full?

Since Accrēscō is a thick lash serum, when the tube is stored on it's side the product can settle to one side of the tube. Storing your lash serum standing upright can remedy this, or very gently wiggling the brush in a circular motion inside the tube can pick up more product. You do not need the brush to be dripping. Any excess drips on the brush should be wiped off on the inner ring of the tube. A light layer of serum applied at the base of the lashes once daily is all you need to achieve beautiful results! 

How long should my tube of Accrēscō lash serum last? 

Your tube of lash serum, when stored tightly sealed, at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, should last for at least 3 months. If you need help troubleshooting feel free to email us and we're more than happy to help! 

My product wasn't sealed. Is this normal?

Since our products come directly from the lab they are made in to our facility where they are packed and shipped directly to you, we opted to eliminate unnecessary extra plastic packaging on some products. This also allows us to check individual products before they are shipped for quality. If in the future these products are sold on retail shelves we will package them with a tamper evident seal for safety. Rest assured, the seal on your shipping package acts as evidence that your products have not been used or tampered with. A few items are sealed because oxidation can degrade the product. These include our Candeō vitamin C serum, Nutriō hydrating serum, and Dēlēniō cream.